Data analytics to empower all NFT collectors

Don't ape in. Make intelligent data driven investment decisions

Rich Data Insights

The trending and volume tables only show projects after they pop, but the key to your success lies in identifying solid, growing projects before the pump. Alpha Five offers so much more than simple tables and floor price statistics. The floor isn't the important data point. IYKYK 👀

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Meaningful Analysis

NFTs are not only about on-chain activity. Collect actionable statistics and emotional information from projects that aide you in making intelligent data driven decisions.

Timing Is Everything

Notifications, how you want, when you want. Completely customisable and receivable wherever you hang out. Discord, Twitter, SMS and more. Get outside and get your freedom back with the ability to create helpful alerts, such as when the floor is rising too close to one of your listings.

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Holder Benefits

We want to reward out earliest community members. Alpha Five has many future plans to continue bringing value to Genesis holders in addition to the initial platform.

Feature Voting

Vote on upcoming features and influence the direction of the platform

Lifetime Access to all future projects

This is the first of many Web3 projects planned. Genesis token holders will receive lifetime access to all Alpha Five current & future projects.

Private Discord Access

Discuss features and get frequent updates from the team

Our Team

Gm. Yes I am currently a one man team. I understand that can be concerning which is why I have doxxed myself. I am a web builder who built his first website 20 years ago at age 11. I love building products and this platform is the data insights I've wanted when buying NFTs. I started building this for myself and then realised that this could be so much more with a little funding and an amazing community. Join me and let's see how high this rocket can fly frens.

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Damian Redpath

Founder / Engineer

Hiring Soon